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Pat Black has always been ambitious and passionate about West Indian food. His journey as a chef started in his teens where he started off learning the basics at college and went on to develop his culinary skills to perfection.

Over the years, life took Pat Black in many different directions regarding his career. However, he felt unfulfilled and always had the feeling that something was missing.

Pat Black went on to fulfil his passion for cooking when his journey began by opening several food outlets specialising in serving food originating specifically from the island of Jamaica.

He planned to replicate these restaurants nationally. The future looked bright for Pat Black & business was going well before a sudden event led to ill health. This stopped him in his tracks and ultimately led to the closure of his businesses, bringing his plans to a screeching halt.

Pat Black went into a period of recuperation, it was during his period of convalescence that Pat Black began making plans for the next stage of his journey.

Fast-forward 14 months and Pat Black's Authentic Jamaican Cuisine is born!

Pat Black believes he has been given a second chance and he is getting his life back on track. Past happenings have given him an increased sense of ambition, drive & commitment. 


Pat Black is now using all his lifelong business experiences & expertise to create a commercial business that provides Great Tasting Authentic Jamaican Convenience Meals.

These delicious meals are available to purchase on this website.

All meals are delivered frozen straight to your door & are distributed nationwide.

These meals are so convenient & are ready to eat in only 8 minutes.

This enables you, your family & your friends to enjoy a real hearty Authentic Jamaican Meal any time of the day & any day of the week.

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